Where does the palm oil used in some La Fournee Doree products come from?

La Fournee Doree reworks on all its recipes in order to remove or reduce palm oil to the maximum without altering their organoleptic qualities. Indeed, for the recipes using some, we commit to use RSPO palm oil (Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil) of segregated type, that is 100% traceable from its production to its use.

This is the most demanding level of certification proving its sustainability and thus actively fighting against deforestation.

How to market La Fournee Doree products?

If you want to market our products, contact our sales team who will be happy to answer you.

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Our finished products are complying with the current labelling regulations on Genetically Modified Organisms.

La Fournee Doree has defined a global non-GMO politic. Thus, we are thus listed in the GMO booklet of Green Peace as a green category product (without GMO). In addition, we commit our suppliers to have the same requirement of non-use of GMO as we do (request of a declaration certifying the absence of GMO or traces in all our raw materials). We regularly make sure of their commitment. GMO Greenpeace Guide 2006 (printable version), 05th February 2007. In order to save paper, print this document double-sided.

Download the GMO Greenpeace Guide

Do La Fournee Doree products contain any hydrogenated fat and trans fatty acids?

All the products of La Fournee Doree brand are prepared without hydrogenated fat and contain less tan 0.5% of trans fatty acids which is below the highest standards.

Fresh butter?

The biggest part of our product range is only made of fresh butter (examples: The Sliced Gâche 500 g, the 8 Navettes 360 g, the Gâche 500 g, etc.). La Fournee Doree is the only brand on the pastry market that uses this noble ingredient of great taste quality.

This dairy butter, very delicate to work and to master, brings a more creamy texture. As it has not been transformed, it retains all its flavour and nutritional benefits.

On the contrary, in the pastry butter, the water is removed. In gastronomy, it is called concentrated butter. This allows it to have a longer shelf life.

What is the use of the emulsifiers?

For some of its products, La Fournee Doree uses a few additives in order to ensure the organoleptic quality throughout the shelf life of the product and an optimal shelf life. They can be grouped in several categories:

  • The emulsifiers: The purpose of this food additives is to keep the texture and prevent the ingredient from separating in products such as margarine, fat and water. All our emulsifiers/additives are plant-based (rapeseed). Since early 2021, a large part of our product range no longer contains emulsifiers.
  • The preservatives and antioxidants: These food additives help to maintain the freshness and safety of a food. They increase its shelf life by protecting it against deterioration caused by oxidation and microorganisms.

We are constantly working to replace them and guarantee you the same quality.

How can the packaging be recycled?

Our aluminium moulds are 100% recyclable. Our plastic trays are entirely made from recycled plastics and are also 100% recyclable. Please refer to the sorting instructions in force in your geographical area.

Do your products contain any alcohol?

The French legislation has evolved. In order to be more transparent to consumers, we must now mention on the labelling the presence of alcohol used as a flavour carrier.

In order to flavour our recipes, as in the baking traditions, we use for example orange and vanilla flavours, but also spirits such as brandy, rum, etc. The flavours we use in our recipes to bring more flavour to our products can be based on alcohol. Thus, our brioche may contain insignificant traces of residual alcohol due to this flavouring or due to the alcoholic fermentation process.

However, please note that the amount of residual alcohol in our products is very low and well below the regulatory threshold for non-alcoholic products.

Why does the Brioche Swirl sometimes lack of melting?

The fondant on our Brioche Swirl is made of sugar, and at room temperature it will gradually melt into the product. Also, depending on the storage conditions, more or less quickly the frosting may become no longer visible. In this case, the product does not lose these taste qualities, this phenomenon resulting in a softer and sweeter texture of the brioche.

Where do your eggs come from?

We are using eggs from free-range hens for all recipes containing some.