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Our 3
production sites

Operating continuously using a custom production process, La Fournée Dorée is very quick to react and supplies its clients on demand.

carte des sites de production de La Fournée Dorée en France


La Fournée Dorée Atlantique
ZA Sud des Achards
CS 60014
85150 La Mothe Achard


La Fournée Dorée Lorraine
ZA Haute Choux
Rue Champelle
57255 Ste Marie aux Chênes


La Fournée Dorée Bourgogne
RN 6
Parc d'Activité La Sablonnière
89400 Bassou


Notre savoir-faire

Brioches made by La Fournée Dorée are mouth-watering and delicately scented, and have all the sweet simplicity of really enjoyable afternoon snacks. Eat them plain, in true gourmet style! They need no other ingredients to be enjoyed.

A "Navette" or portion of "Chinois" make the most delicious snacks. Yield to the temptation of their moist texture and authentic taste. Because it uses only top quality ingredients such as fresh butter, cream and “crème pâtssière”, La Fournée Dorée is able to produce melt-in-the-mouth brioches of incomparable flavour.

As an additional guarantee for consumers, La Fournée Dorée sets itself strict rules in terms of traceability.

Quality Charter

For the last 20 years, La Fournée Dorée has used its full expertise to guarantee the quality of its products. Our Quality Policy is to continuously maintain this currently-recognised level of satisfaction.

To do so, we set ourselves very strict rules regarding the selection of our suppliers, the control of our raw materials and the production of our recipes. It's these exacting standards that allow us to obtain tasty, golden brioches, with a perfectly honey-combed and delicately-flavoured crumb.

In 2004, La Fournée Dorée was awarded higher BRC/IFS certification.

To maintain this certification, which guarantees the perfect quality of its products, La Fournée Dorée systematically controls every stage of production (delivery of raw materials, production, finished product, etc.) and sets itself extremely strict traceability rules regarding the origin, date and exact time of production of its brioches.

The production secrets passed from generation to generation, as well as the fact it abides by a strict quality charter makes La Fournée Dorée a leader on the regional specialities market (Chinois and Gâche).

La Fournée Dorée products are sold in supermarkets in both France and a certain number of European countries, as well as being exported outside Europe.

La Fournée Dorée is committed to defending and improving the animal welfare. A third of the egg products it uses already come from cage-free farms. La Fournée Dorée is joining global trend so that 100% of the eggs it uses will come from cage-free farms by 2025.