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Our 6
production sites

Operating continuously according to tailor-made production process, La Fournée Dorée, with its French and Canadian factories, is very quick to respond and supplies its customers on demand.

france flag France

France map with our production sites positions


La Fournée Dorée Atlantique
ZA Sud des Achards
6, rue de l'Océan
CS 60014
85150 Les Achards


La Fournée Dorée Lorraine
ZA Haute Choux
Rue Champelle
57255 Ste Marie aux Chênes


La Fournée Dorée Bourgogne
RN 6
Parc d'Activité La Sablonnière
89400 Bassou


ZI Sud Allée de Savoie
26300 Bourg-de-Péage

canada flag Canada

Canada map with our production sites positions


58 Dominion St
ON K0C 1A0


725 Avenue Lee
QC H9X 3S3


Tasty and lighlty flavored, La Fournée Dorée's brioches will remind you the sweetness of your childhood's breakfasts and afternoon breaks. Be a fine gourmet, taste them plain! No need of adding anything else to enjoy their tastiness.

Authentic french reciepe

For more than 20 years, La Fournée Dorée use their know-how to make high standard brioches within their four production sites.

Production knowledge is passed down from generation to generation, to offer you brioches as good as from the Baker's oven. La Fournée Dorée improved their know-how to bake traditional and local brioches with a little modern twist. You will not resist the softness and authenticity of these regional specialties such as Chinois, Gâche, Pogne, Saint-Genix and-last but not least- the famous Parisian brioches !

Vegan & Organic

Willing to offer tasty and delicious products as sweet as childhood memories, La Fournée Dorée give a capital role to innovation within their strategy in the aim of adapting to various consumers expectations. Therefore, they offer organic and vegan brioches… Also, a range of brunch classics (Brioch'Burger, Brioch'Bagel, Hot Dog, Pain Blanc Italien …) with a brioche touch, is available in the bread section.


By making essential the use of high quality raw materials, La Fournée Dorée make delicious brioches and brunch goods. Nowadays, they are the only Brioches maker to bake with fresh butter on the market. Our pastry cream is made within our factories by our bakers and all our braided brioches are braided by hand.

world map

From the beginning, La Fournee Doree has been internationally minded by exporting to neighboring countries. Their mission to promote The French Quality abroad is part of their DNA

La Fournee Doree is exporting to more than 35 countries their own-brands or through partnerships with leading quality brands (private label or else). The quality and competitiveness of the products are key factors to guarantee the success on new and mature markets.

Our Engagements

La Fournee Doree has the delicate mission to export the French traditions of baking brioche while following the market trends and local specificities. They adapt their brioches to meet the Export market, finding inspiration within the World's specialties. They offer various recipes and products that you can enjoy all day long, adapting to local consumers expectations and needs. The world is an unless source of inspiration for La Fournée Dorée and they continue to create innovating brioches while preserving their French Heritage.


Everyday web commit to guaranteeing flawless quality over all our brioches and breads. Our quality policy is to keep all the time our recognized level of satisfaction.


To do so, we follow rules to select our suppliers, to control the raw material from reception and the making of our recipes. Requiring the best allow us to make golden tasty brioches and breads, with a perfect flavored light crumb.

Logo IFS

From 2004, La Fournée Dorée has been BRC/IFS certified. In order to keep this certification which assure the perfect quality of the production process, the brand perform regular controls during each production step (raw material reception, production, finished products …) and follow strict traceability rules about the origin, the exact date and hour of production of the brioches.

thumbs up!

The whole La Fournée Dorée's recipes are continuously improved. Thereby we commit to offering you a range of pastries without conservatives and a range of breads without palm oil .

Moreover, La Fournée Dorée commit to acting for Sustainable development and for animal’s welfare

with several taken internal measures:

icone graphique en baisse
  • Waste reduction in volumes.
  • Stop using plastic cups within the production sites.
  • Ongoing project to recycle all the waste from production (Currently 80% of the waste is recycled).
icone recyclage
  • Aluminum mold is 100% recycled and for an endless amount of time.
  • FSC Mixte: from 80% to 100% of the papers used inside the carton boxes are made and recycled in France. The FSC certification (Forest Stewardship Council) is an international organization in charge of sustainable management of the worldwide forests. The FSC logo on a packaging guarantees the use of paper or carton from responsibly managed forests and/or contributing to the forests’ sustainable management.
  • 100% of the used plastic trays are made of recycled plastic and recyclable.
Icone Huile
  • Ongoing process to end the use of palm oil and to reduce the additives: Just a few left of our brioches contained palm oil. However, we are actively working on to totally suppress its use. In the mean time, we only use RSPO palm oil in our recipes (substainable palm oil). In other words, the traceability of segregated palm oil is 100% guarantee from production to use. RSPO is the highest and more strict level of certification to justify the substainable policy and active fight against deforestation.
icone mains
  • Ongoing local social actions: Supporting carpool between coworkers; Donations of non-conform but edible finished products to charities; Involvement in cultural and sports events.
icone oeuf
  • Ahead of the 2025 regulation, 100% of La Fournée Dorée brand products are already made with barn eggs.