Mini Swirls burger with exotic fruits

6 people people
30 minutesmn

• 6 Mini Swirls with chocolate chips
• Dark chocolate ganache (100gr of dark pastry chocolate, 12cl of cream, 30gr of softened butter)
• 2 mangoes
• 2 kiwis
• 25cl of custard

For the dark chocolate ganache:
1- Put the crushed pastry chocolate in a bowl.
2- Bring the cream to a boil and pour it over the chocolate. Mix to obtain a homogeneous preparation, add the butter and mix.
3- Set aside for 20 minutes in the freezer.

For the hamburger:
1- Peel the mangoes and kiwis, cut them into thin slices. Cut the mangoes into round slices using a cookie cutter or a glass (2 rounds per hamburger).
2- Cut the Mini Swirls in half horizontally. Cover the lower part with ganache. Arrange a slice of mango, then 3 slices of kiwi (on the same level) and finally a slice of mango.
3- Cover with the other half of the Mini Swirl.

For the mango fries:
1- With the remaining mango, cut sticks in the shape of fries.
2- Arrange the hamburger and mango fries on a plate. Serve with the custard.
3- Dip the fries and the hamburger in the custard and enjoy!











2 people

10 min